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  • Teo Speranza, Director of Design
  • Image of Robert Emami, CEO& President or ROEM Corp.
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  • Photo of Tatiana Blank at ROEM Corp.
  • Image of Alex Sanchez, Executive Vice President of ROEM
  • Mark Pilarczyk, Director of Acquisitions, ROEM
  • Erin Caputo, Director of Asset Management, ROEM
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  • Teo Speranza

    Director of Design
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation & ROEM Builders, Inc.

    Teo Speranza is an architectural design professional with over two decades of multi-family residential experience. He holds a degree in architecture from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy, holds an accreditation from USGBC-LEED, and is an active member of multiple design, trade, and management organizations.

    Teo joined ROEM in 2006 as an associate principal for ROEM’s architectural affiliate. He now serves in the director capacity representing overall efforts to achieve design efficiency through integrated development and construction. He is the insurer of quality control and owner of cross-project standardizations where appropriate. Teo is directly involved from acquisition through project close out as a key collaborator across departments and amongst the third party consultants which support ROEM’s efforts.

    “ROEM’s longstanding dedication to creating wholesome communities provides clients, partners, and municipalities an opportunity to work with a team that has learned to design smarter, build better, and manage efficiently.”

  • Robert Emami

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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation & ROEM Builders, Inc.

    Robert Emami has been actively building Silicon Valley for over 30 years as developer, contractor, and real estate sales and investment broker. He holds a business degree from San Jose State University, is a registered general contractor, and an active member of numerous professional and charitable organizations.

    As the CEO and President of ROEM’s affiliated companies, Robert oversees acquisition, development, design and asset management departments as well the formidable construction division. He plays an active role in project feasibility as the deciding member of ROEM’s investment committee and also approves all project capital structures, architectural designs, and programming.

    With Robert’s commitment to integrity, quality and public-private-partnerships, ROEM Development Corporation and ROEM Builders, Inc. have become amongst the leading housing developers and general contractors in the State of California. Under his leadership, ROEM has received numerous local and national awards for development excellence and achieved consistent growth for over two decades.



    “ROEM’s heritage of success is driven by the common goal of a diverse team to achieve the highest standard of quality in residential development. I am proud to sit at the head of such a dedicated and devoted organization.”

  • Stephen Emami

    Vice President
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    COMPANY: ROEM Builders, Inc.

    Stephen Emami holds a graduate degree in construction management from the University of Southern California and an undergraduate degree in marketing from Santa Clara University.

    Stephen joined ROEM in 2009 and has consistently played a direct role in the project management process. In the capacity of Vice President for the construction division, Stephen leads the field and office efforts of project management, contracting, and reporting. He is a contributing member of the senior management team and deeply vested in the long term success of ROEM organization.

    “ROEM’s ability to stay focused on the big picture has been critical to the success of the company. By understanding where things are heading, we can lay the groundwork today for tomorrow’s landscape.”

  • Tatiana Blank

    Vice President of Corporate Finance
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation

    Tatiana Blank has worked in the practice of tax accounting, finance, and construction management advisory for over 15 years.  She holds an undergraduate degree in business from San Francisco State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

    Tatiana joined ROEM in 2007 and held responsibility for managing all aspects of general accounting and financial reporting functions of ROEM rental portfolio and affiliated companies. In the capacity of Vice President, Tatiana implements company accounting procedures and practices, plays an advisory role to investment committee decisions and maintains risk management safeguards across all departments and the construction division. Tatiana also leads the accounting department.

    “ROEM’s dynamic environment allows us to collaboratively develop exciting new solutions to housing challenges that result in better communities across California”

  • Alex Sanchez

    Executive Vice President
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation

    Alex Sanchez’s affordable housing legacy spans over 40 years throughout California.  He has been appointed to leadership positions with numerous national and local housing advocacy organizations while maintaining the singular purpose of providing housing to those most in need. Alex holds a bachelor degree from Pomona College.

    As an Executive Vice President for ROEM Development, Alex concentrates efforts on growing ROEM’s pipeline and continuing portfolio of affordable housing developments. As a champion of ROEM’s innovative approach to new housing development, Alex serves as the architect and linchpin of the public-private partnerships critical to the award-winning success of projects. Prior to his role as Executive Vice President, Alex served as the Housing Authority of Santa Clara County’s Executive Director since 2001.

    “ROEM’s success directly results from its passion for building high-quality housing, its ability to innovate in the industry and its collaboration with effective partners.”

  • Mark Pilarcyzk

    Director of Acquisitions
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation

    Mark Pilarczyk holds degrees in finance and real estate from Florida State University. Mark is an active member of the development community, is a licensed commercial real estate broker, and accredited USGBC-LEED green associate.

    Mark has worked actively in real-estate finance, development, asset management, and disposition for over 11 years. Mark has a knack for connecting quickly with new partners and since joining ROEM in 2011 he has been an integral part of sourcing ROEM’s current projects and pipeline. In the capacity of Director, Mark leads the acquisition department efforts to source all new development opportunities, as well as the financing of market-rate projects.

    “At ROEM, we make it happen.”

  • Erin Caputo

    Director of Asset Management
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation

    For nearly 15 years, Erin Caputo has been an asset management, marketing, and public relations professional at ROEM, where her primary objective has been maximizing ownership’s returns on investments. Erin holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Oregon and is a NAHB certified professional and an IREM CPM. She is deeply engaged in the community, actively serving on numerous public and non-profit boards in Silicon Valley.

    Erin joined ROEM in 2001 and assumed management responsibility of ROEM’s rapidly expanding asset portfolio. Since then, under Erin’s direction, the Asset Management Department has overseen ROEM’s $750+ Million asset portfolio. Erin leased up over 30 developments, creates annual budgets, oversees capital expenses, implements preventive maintenance plans, reviews monthly financials, directs third party property management company activities, and ensures property compliance. Erin is ROEM’s primary media contact and leads the internal marketing committee which controls the ROEM brand and promotes a positive corporate image.

    “ROEM’s key advantage is believing in what we create. Our work is our passion. When our communities succeed we succeed.”

  • Tung Tran

    Director of Development
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    COMPANY: ROEM Development Corporation

    Tung Tran holds graduate degrees in urban planning and real estate development (MRED) from San Jose State University and the University of Southern California respectively. He holds an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from the University of California, Davis, and is a registered landscape architect. Tung is an active member of the Urban Land Institute, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and has USGBC-LEED and Built-it-Green accreditations.

    Tung joined ROEM in 2006 and has over 20 years of project development and design experience. As a director at ROEM, he manages project development from acquisition through entitlement, construction, and stabilization as a portfolio asset. His department ensures project completion while safeguarding design intent, timelines, and development budgets. Tung plays an integral role in the implementation of ROEM’s green building certifications and chairs ROEM’s Sustainability Committee.

    “ROEM embodies the needs of a growing environment with commitment and dedication to quality, sustainable housing. By meeting the needs of our residents, we can provide housing that exceeds expectations.”

  • Charles Drotts

    Director of Preconstruction
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    COMPANY: ROEM Builders, Inc.


    Charles Drotts holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California as a member of the Chi Epsilon engineering honor society. He is an EIT and licensed general contractor. Charles is an active member of the American Society of Professional Estimators, the American Society of Civil Engineers, holds an OSHA 30 certificate and a USGBC-LEED accreditation.

    Charles in an expert quantity surveyor and professional project manager. Since joining ROEM in 2007, he has set corporate standards for the design and implementation of project controls for cost, time, and safety. Charles leads all ROEM preconstruction efforts in the capacity of Director, where he also oversees the day-to-day operation and training of project engineering and administration teams through the course of construction and closeout.

    “Hard work and dedication paired with ROEM’s expert industry knowledge has provided new opportunities in the housing industry which we rise to execute.”