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Who We Are

ROEM is comprised of two sectors, ROEM Development Corporation and ROEM Builders Incorporated. We have been in the industry for over 35 years and are dedicated to creating affordable and market-rate housing.

What We Do


ROEM Builders, Inc. has built strong and lasting relationships with qualified subcontractors, inspectors, and consultant teams, enabling us to deliver high-quality projects to the communities we serve.


ROEM Development strategically and tirelessly works to identify and build within hubs of opportunity, employment and transportation to cultivate future-forward communities.


Dedicated to Sustainability

ROEM is dedicated to the creation of sustainable urban-housing environments which are conveniently located, amenity rich, and satisfy diverse housing needs.

Passionate about Quality

At ROEM, we are passionate about the quality of our work, the positive impact of our projects on the communities we serve, and the success of our team members and partners.


As an integrated team of real estate, construction, design, finance, and asset management professionals, we provide creative solutions to urban-development challenges.


Through all phases of the development process, ROEM is evolving the design of buildings, the layout of spaces, and the use of technology to better meet the needs of future residents.


At ROEM, building the community is equal in priority to building high-quality, affordable housing. Each one of our carefully planned developments includes a free library with more than 2,000 books. Our resident services includes free after-school homework centers, resident computer centers, health and safety seminars, and adult-education programs. Absolutely all our enriching services are provided free of charge to our residents.


Montecito Vista Urban Village

Belmont Ave

Baldwin Park


Latest News

Ensuring The Affordability Of Housing Near Public Transit

Ensuring the Affordability of Housing near Public Transit

Creating and Building Affordable, Transit-Oriented Housing ROEM Development Corp. is partnering with public agencies and cities throughout California to create and build mixed-income, transit-oriented developments (TODs). These walkable “connected communities”

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