Historically Significant Building and Building Materials are available for relocation and/or salvage prior to the planned demolition.  Located in San José, these structures include:
971 Meridian Avenue—The house at 971 Meridian Avenue has architectural elements of the Spanish Eclectic, or Spanish Revival, architectural style. This architectural style is evident in the double sash front doors, red tile roof, front arched focal windows with balconettes, spiral columns, iron sconces, and decorative elements above the windows and doors. The residence has a low pitch side-gable roof and elevated front entry. Some windows appear original (wood framed with single-pane glass). The residence has an eave wall exterior placement fireplace with an unadorned chimney top. The clean-out door on the fireplace exterior displays the logo of the Borchers Bros Company from San Jose.

Qualified and interested parties are encouraged to contact the development team for more information regarding opportunities and requirements for potential salvage and relocation. 

Contact: Kenneth Ballato at or 408-529-8830 for more information, by July 15, 2022.

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