Addressing a Community’s Needs

Monte Vista Gardens opens its doors to a much-needed children’s program

Since its inception, the Monte Vista Gardens development has been committed to addressing the needs of the community in which it was built. Recognizing the dire need for quality housing for families and seniors in San Jose, Monte Vista Gardens provides affordable luxury housing and brings a wide array of resources and services to its residents. However, Monte Vista Garden’s commitment to the community does not end there.

When approached by Evette Ybarra from the Santa Clara County Department of Family & Children Services with a request to host a much-needed program for deaf or hard-of-hearing children and their families, Erin Caputo, Director of Marketing at ROEM Corporation, did not hesitate to offer space for this program at Monte Vista Gardens. Caputo, who oversees the marketing and community relation’s efforts at Monte Vista Gardens along with the 14 other properties developed by ROEM Corporation, immediately recognized the value this program could bring to Monte Vista Gardens. “ROEM Corporation and its properties actively engage the communities in which we build to ensure our residents not only live in affordable luxury housing, but also have access to the resources they need to succeed,” said Caputo.

This news could not have come at a better time for Ybarra. The County department struggled to find a location that could provide enough space and resources for the parent and children workshops and the after-school program. “I am grateful to ROEM Corporation and the Monte Vista Gardens complex for inviting us to share in their wonderful space. Monte Vista Gardens is generously providing a welcoming venue for a new family program, which serves San Jose children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and their families,“ said Ybarra. As part of the grant, Monte Vista Gardens’ resident will have access to the new tables and chairs in the community room, helping to further improve the quality of this community.

The program provides workshops to help parents of deaf or hard-of-hearing children improve their parenting skills and offers deaf or hard-of-hearing children after-school programs and activities that increase their social skills and promote healthy living habits and confidence.

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