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The ROEM Family: Overview


At ROEM, we are dedicated to the development, construction, and management of high quality housing for everyone. It is our ongoing commitment to form long-lasting partnerships that provide complete solutions to complicated housing needs and allow us to aggressively seek opportunities which expand our market reach while positively impacting the communities we serve.


The cornerstone of ROEM's corporate philosophy is an unwavering commitment to bringing communities together through quality housing. It is the passion of our CEO, Robert Emami, to provide quality housing for both market rate and affordable demands. Our target markets are comprised of:

  • Infill mid-density single-family or high-density multi-family market-rate housing
  • Master-planned mixed-use, mixed-income, mixed-density development
  • Affordable high-density family and senior housing

To meet the demands of a changing market and industry, ROEM progressively works to establish communities of mixed-income, mixed-use, and mixed-densities within an infill urban framework. ROEM's integrated design and development approach provides the flexibility to explore innovative responses to questions posed by an uncertain and ever-changing industry.


Robert Emami, President and CEO of ROEM Development Corporation, has been building new communities in Northern California for almost 30 years. He began his career in real estate as a broker managing a highly successful office of 30 agents in the late 70's and on through the early 80's. After several joint ventures, he discovered his passion was not just selling housing but building it. In 1988, he founded ROEM Development Corporation and began doing just that. As projects became larger it was no longer feasible for ROEM to self-perform the majority of the construction and work involved in building a quality home.

Thus in 1999 ROEM Builders Inc. was founded as the general contractor and construction management firm of ROEM Development Corporation. With the construction and development efforts separated, new divisions formed: a Development entity handling acquisitions, planning, design, financing, and overall project development; and a General Contracting side overseeing all project construction. This integrated structure has not only promoted even higher quality projects, but has also improved our project budgets, timelines, and overall management while giving ROEM ultimate control and responsibility of development from the beginning to end.

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